Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nook's Traverse V8 Flash

This morning I tried to flash the traverse on the north side of Nook's Rock. After a thorough study, and before things got too warm I hopped on and made it to the hueco and finished up the V0 on the right. At some point I will check out the full traverse, starting low and left and finishing further right around the corner. This is definitely one of the best problems/routes on the mountain with great movement and top quality rock. I also have to say that the center of the West Slab is possibly the best easy problem on the mountain with the perfect angle, nice holds and the only true summit that I know of on Flag. No partiers or scramblers are likely to venture there.


chuffer said...

Nice flash d00d. It's hard to believe you are still only getting on some of these problems for the first time.

Peter Beal said...

Yeah, in the past, I typically only climbed at Flag intermittently and usually at places like Red Wall and Cloudshadow. I'm psyched to be exploring other parts of the mountain now. The next flash ambition is the Mateus extension which looks pretty tricky. I would really like to flash Hollow's Way but doing that solo seems a bit risky, even with multiple pads