Friday, September 19, 2008

Falcon's Error Sheet

Go to and see what you think. Help them out here.

Here's another guidebook author's take.

Here's another forum to speak your mind.

And you can check out Bob's slide show at Neptune Mountaineering on October 2


Narc said...

Wow, interesting conversations in the forum. It is understandable they feel stuck having printed all these books already, but it is an indictment of their processes that such an inaccurate book made it to press in the first place.

Funny how they all dismiss the inaccuracies about bouldering at Evans and the Park because none of them have ever been there.

Seems to me Evans is enjoyed by the "elitist little shits" and regular climbers alike which would take away from that one guy's argument.

Their ideas for correcting the inaccuracies with regard to boulders located on private land seems very weak. It's not as if the status of climbing on the boulders in question changed since Bob put the book together (from what I gather).

Should be interesting to see what happens at the book signing.

chuffer said...

I'm all for the book signing turning into a book burning.

We must do everything to undermine the sale of this guide. Buy it and return it. Buy it again and return it again. Put free information online.

Help others put together more accurate guides. What a sad and sordid tale.

deleted user said...

peter i just happen to read all of this now. horrendous! i am tempted to go to the slideshow and make a fuss...

Taylor Roy said...

I'm going to the slideshow. I want to look at the errors and hear how they justify the book. I am hoping for a healthy debate.