Monday, September 7, 2009

Three Worthy Causes

Helping out the greater community is an obligation for all of us who can afford it. My wife is running the Boulder Back Roads Marathon on September 20 and is looking for sponsors (starting at $1 a mile but please think higher $$$)to help her raise money for Camfed, an organization dedicated educating girls in Africa. This is a great cause so if you want to help, please visit her Facebook page and she will take it from there. You can also email me at petergbeal at hotmail dot com. She is getting close to her goal of $600, enough to educate two girls for a year, so please consider helping out.

On Wednesday evening 5-8 is the famous Flagstaff Trash Bash, a gathering of the climbing community to help restore one of Boulder's most important climbing resources. Sadly too many visitors see fit to show their appreciation by strewing trash and throwing glass bottles against the rocks, creating a mess and a health hazard. I have been taking my daughter Sophia there, climbing and scrambling and I don't want to see any more broken glass up there again. The condition of certain parts of Flagstaff is a disgrace so let's get it back in order. Details at the link above.

Finally visit Layton Kor's fund raising website to see how you can help this legend in American climbing cope with the expense of a kidney transplant.

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