Thursday, October 22, 2009

More media matters

Periodically I am sent emails from various parties wishing to get publicity for various events, books, etc. I don't quite have the heart to tell them that the readership for this blog is such a minute portion of the climbing webiverse that it might not be worth the effort. But here are two notices worth passing along, one in a good way, the other not so much. No prizes for telling which is which.

Here is the first announcement.


WHO: Eddie Bauer’s First Ascent Guides and Legendary Mountaineers– Peter Whittaker, Dave Hahn, Seth Waterfall, Chad Peele and Jim Whittaker speak on Mountaineering at MountainFilm On Tour in Denver

WHAT: MountainFilm on Tour Presents the following films:

The Red Helmet

Tyler Young 6 Minutes

In a dark and drab world, a fearful young child discovers a bright red helmet that transforms everything.

History Making Farming Author on the Move
Matt Morris 7 minutes

Vern Switzer is an idiosyncratic character: A black farmer in Rural Hall, North Carolina, his passion for growing watermelon found new meaning when God directed him to write children's books. Now this "farming author on the move" brings his message of sustainable farming and character building to schools across the country.

The Great Hopkins Rescue

Tyler Young 9 minutes

As climber Gregory Crouch guides up Wyoming's Devils Tower, he recounts the famous 1941 rescue of the parachutist who landed on top. With fascinating archival footage of the actual rescue, this short documentary will have you climbing in the handholds and footholds of history.

Presence: 40 Days in Greenland

Masaki Sekiguchi 15 minutes

This is a record of what we have done and what we have found while spending 40 days in west coastline of Greenland.

Tickets are $10 and available at the door.

WHEN: October 23, 2009 at 7pm

WHERE: American Alpine Club Thtr.

710 10th Street

Golden, CO

(303) 384-0110

Here is the second.

"hey Peter,

That granite crimpers video you posted with Adam Ondra was intense, I would imagine that granite would be very hard to climb.

We are running a story that you might be able to use about Champion And Duofold Apparel Brands Launching a Mount Everest Expedition

Here is a description of the story

Hanesbrands Inc. announced today that its Champion and Duofold apparel brands are going to the top of the world, leading a Mount Everest expedition to drive brand awareness and showcase the company’s research and development innovation and textile science leadership.

And here is a link to the video

Yours, etc., etc."

I agree that granite can be very hard to climb, especially when compared to sandstone such as on Flagstaff Mountain or plastic such as on my home wall or CATS. I was actually hoping to join the Hanesbrands Everest expedition but no follow-up invitations (or packages of fresh underpants) arrived and so I am still stuck at home staring my laptop trying to make sense of it all.


sock hands said...

got a catalog in the mail that ed and whittaker and annot have teamed up w/ eddie bauer to produce a new line of mtn jackets and such. some of it looks decent, though the pricing doesn't really reflect a larger-market discount that i was hoping for.

Anonymous said...

look who they took instead:

does that help make sense of it all?

Peter Beal said...

Wedgie-Free at 28,000 feet!

Peter Beal said...

Not that I am jealous or anything...

Gregory said...


Im trying to make contact with you about these Flagstaff tours that you are working towards setting up! I was wondering if i could get your email so i can send you some questions i had about the subject.


chris schulte said...

as far as the website goes, peter, it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it..