Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sponsorship with Moon Climbing

I have been crazy busy finishing up the manuscript for the bouldering book I am writing for Mountaineers Books so have not been able to post recently. But I wanted to announce my new sponsorship with Moon Climbing.

I have never been sponsored by a climbing company before, although I had support from Powerbar a while back. I am particularly psyched to be sponsored by Moon because to me they focus on core activities in climbing and especially bouldering. The Moon website has a great deal of very useful training information and ideas, perhaps unmatched by any other in English that I know. Visit the School Room to see it.

There is also a consistent series of reports from climbers from places such as Switzerland, Hueco, and elsewhere along with photos and video that make a great resource for learning more about hard boulder problems around the world.

Finally, I have always been a big admirer of Ben Moon, even after driving with him in a sketchy car up to Northumberland to go bouldering in the 1980s. Long story:) Ben has always been focused on achieving the hardest moves, routes, problems, you name it, in climbing, and has kept solidly in the game well into his 40s. There are few more important contributors to the sport out there.

Too many seem to think that receiving "free stuff" is the point of getting sponsored. To me, being sponsored means having an ally to hopefully get some interesting things done and put out there. My interests lie in helping climbers of all ages, but especially the very young and the older ones out there reach their fullest potential. If having the support of a climbing company helps in those goals, as I think it will, all the better.

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