Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Video from Clear Creek

For my spring break, I went all the way to Clear Creek Canyon to try a short problem called Rhino, a two move low start to a fun V1. It was primarily as training for Park season since it has a fairly steep approach and very small sharp crimps. The first session was on a day that was a bit warm, joining up with a crew from Boulder that was trying Echale. Echale is not the best warmup problem but despite its being described as "one of the worst rock climbs out there" it has shrugged off concerted efforts by some very good climbers suggesting it may be one of the hardest in the state. Its convenience, excellent movement and decent landing (dug out of the hill!) make it somewhat of a mystery as to why it hasn't been repeated more in the past seven years. Congratulations to Phil Schaal for his 4th ascent. For beta on this problem, check out the 2004 videos at

I went up the hill to scope out the problem and found it to appear pretty reasonable but the building heat forced a retreat with a split fingertip. Then the wildfires raging in the canyon preventing a return until this past Saturday. Cooler conditions prevailed though imminent rain forced some extra effort to get the problem done.

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shepdogg42 said...

Sweet send Peter. Looks like the movement is great fun!