Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Another Visit to RMNP

Drove up to "the Park", this morning to have another go at European Human Being. Cool and cloudy, definitely humid. I was feeling very creaky--still in recovery from a really bad cold and tweaking my shoulder Sunday. I spent a lot of time creating easy boulder problems on the slabby walls in the vicinity of EHB. There's a beautiful green wall with prime V2(?) highball potential just around the corner. A slow warm-up but eventually I got on the problem. No real progress but no surprise there. I was able to move on the holds but not connect moves much.

But enough about the project... Consider the spider web hanging just right of the problem. Fragile evanescence suspended between massive boulders. Yet their silk is supposed to be stronger than steel by weight.Or the lush ferns and grasses at the base. Clouds billowed above Longs as the sky lowered and darkened. I had enough and was beginning to feel achy and stuffed up so I packed up and headed out as the rain began. Pausing along the way, I saw the sun glinting off streaming slabs in the cirque northwest of Longs, a moment passing in time.

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