Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday--Cloudy and Humid

Feeling very sore after a short session at the Spot yesterday. I've been recovering from a nasty cold which has knocked me out for about 4 days so far. Did a five-spot (maybe V7) and a few fours and then ran out of energy completely. Running this morning was still low-energy and a sore right shoulder didn't help. Maybe tomorrow will be better...

Tyler Landman repeated Daniel Woods' problem "Jade" recently. This is a beautiful problem, rated at V15. Will it hold its status? RMNP has had a number of top-end problems make the news and then slide into oft-repeated status in recent years. Nuthin but Sunshine and Freaks of the Industry are two classic examples. Circadian Rhythm in Poudre Canyon appears to be in this group. How does this happen? As someone who has generally seen his FAs get upgraded, I wonder why climbers are so quick to propose the higher grade without outside input. In the case of Dave Graham's problems, perhaps he was so far ahead of the curve that it took a while for the pack to get the skills to accurately assess them. In the end the problems and the routes remain after the crowd moves on to another place.

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