Monday, February 18, 2008

Post Comp Report

Well it was good to see a bunch of people at CATS trying the new problems. They were still a little too hard for their respective categories but quality routes nevertheless. We didn't get to see the finals at the Spot since Sophia wasn't feeling well.

I'm looking forward to trying the open problems at CATS and the Spot in coming weeks as well. Open 13 still stands at the top of the heap, thwarting everyone that I saw try it on Sunday (I set said problem last week and look forward to creating a few more testpieces in coming days)

It was a little disappointing seeing roving representatives from FRB interviewing nobody from CATS except Rob, despite the fact that a number of people who helped make the comp possible were there. A suggestion to Mike Brooks--get outside the usual circle that gets attention in the mags and websites.

Sadly the events were completely ignored by the local papers, a real shame since the Sports Section is the only part of the Camera that hasn't been reduced to practically nothing.

Congratulations to Paul and Ryan for stellar performances. Alex Puccio, who has to be one of the strongest boulderers around, male or female, pulled off the win in the Women's Open category. Great work!

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