Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sadness at Flag

While wandering around Flag on Saturday, I saw some truly low-life graffiti on the nice little overhanging wall just northeast of Mongolian Cosmonaut. There is a V7 traverse across it that is now decorated with a wide array of puerile scrawlings. I didn't have a camera but anyone can see for themselves what's up. I'll document it when I go up there next.

While graffiti in general is pretty lame, usually the product of white suburban bad-boy wannabees, this type of vandalism is the worst. I suppose it's amazing that Flag isn't worse but this kind of attack on a public commons and a natural area is pathetic.


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Adam said...

Last night, Peter, I had to run about 10 punks off the mountain that were in the middle of a bb gun fight at the red wall amphitheater. They actually shot at one climber who came up the hill to let me know at the Y traverse. I had to let those fools know what happens when you roll into my hood with a gun. There plastic bb's now litter the ground.