Monday, March 17, 2008

Fresh Snow for Spring Break

Well my spring break has started with 5 inches of fresh snow. I have confidence it will melt soon which is good since I have 3 projects (V10, V11, V12) running simultaneously up at Flag. Details as/if they are sent. I had a good Sunday session at the Spot, doing 4 of the Open comp problems yesterday, the first time I have ever succeeded doing that many in a single session. Most of the ones I tried, regardless of grade, were good problems with a mixture of hold types and techniques. In other words not mindless sloper jumps or simple crimp ladders. Justin Sjong appears to be coordinating setting which is good news. His wide experience, professional attitude and open outlook is just what the Spot needs.

I received an acceptance letter from the Ph.D. program at CU in Comparative Literature which could be a fairly major change in direction, allowing me, I hope, to focus more on scholarship and writing and not just teaching, as I have for the past decade.

I was sorry to hear of the death of Steve Dieckhoff, a local climber who was, sadly, mostly known for his anti-bolting activities. He was a much more complex and multifaceted individual than that. His death stands as a reminder that life is briefer and richer than we ever can realize, usually until it's too late.

And if you think you're climbing well, reports that Adam Ondra (age 15) climbed an 8c, 8c+, and 9a in a day. Which got me thinking, how many 9a climbs are there in the USA? Not that many, I think.


Climbing Narcissist said...

less than 5 i would think

Paul said...

how many 8B+ climbers in europe? obviously fred and Bernd, but not too many more!

sock hands said...

sorry to hear about the passing of steve... i only had the opportunity to make some small talk w/ him at a few climbing gyms, but it was clear that he was a staple figure in the boulder community and important in the lives of many.