Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Alexander Huber Interview

Go to Planet Mountain for this interview with Alexander Huber. Also at the same site look at this story about Adam Ondra.


Narc said...

very interesting thoughts on the whole grading debate

Peter Beal said...

Alexander Huber is possibly the last of the truly accomplished all-round climbers. I can't think of anyone else who has climbed 15a, soloed 14a, soloed long 12a routes, established 5.14 R multipitch, freed multiple El Cap routes, summited an 8000m Himalayan peak--the list just goes on forever. There is certainly no-one in the US, not even Tommy Caldwell, who comes close. When he talks about grades and the future directions of climbing, I think it's worth listening.

Narc said...

Agreed. It is interesting to read that he still has a desire to climb big 8000m peaks too.