Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy Week

Sunday and Monday I climbed at the Spot trying various competition problems and finding the easier ones really reasonable and well set. Tuesday was punctuated by a visit to JVonD productions for an interview for the local cable show he does with Mike Brooks. Thursday it was back to the Spot to try some more 5 spots where I walked away with two flashed 5 minus problems. My last problem was on the Dojo where, after getting pumped up high on a 4+, I looked down to see that someone had moved the mat away from under me! I had to ask them to move the mat back so I could jump safely. Needless to say I was not happy and left shortly after.

Before going to the Spot I visited Flag which was just too cold and windy for my liking but I confirmed that There Will be Blood still is feasible. I should add that I think it would be great if boulderers would try a bit harder at cleaning up the chalk that's left behind and maybe not leave big white spots all over the holds. It was a bit intense up there. Hoping for good conditions tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

the spot can rent climbing shoes, but it doesn't rent etiquette.

Peter Beal said...

Normally something like that wouldn't have been a big deal but being tired made it feel like my belayer had been borrowed by another climber while I was at the BRC