Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New York Times in Hueco Tanks

What do Andy Mann and my sister have in common? Both have published photos in the the New York Times. Michael Brick appears to be the Times' roving climbing reporter and his article is accompanied by photos of Chuck Fryberger and Carlo Traversi. Brick does a good job of summarizing the conflicts that have led to the new access regulations but since the article is too short, we don't hear more about the feelings of the Native American and climbing locals who seem, according to a few quotes, to be closed out during the high season thanks to the annual migrations of out-of-town visitors.

I should add that the NYT also did a recent article on the climbing at Malibu Creek in California. The Gray Lady is going extreme!

Here's another NYT angle on locals/outsiders that deals with Juarez but on a much more serious level.

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