Monday, August 10, 2009

Sad News About Craig Luebben

One of the most experienced and well-regarded climbers in the country, Craig Luebben is reported to have been killed in an avalanche/icefall in the Cascade range. He was a long-time guide and an author of a number of books on climbing. Luebben, 49, was particularly well-known for his invention in 1984 of the Big Bro, a device for protecting offwidths. Luebben was also a prolific new-router with first ascents all around the globe.

A recent interview with can be found here.

My sincerest sympathies for his family. Craig's was a life of incredible richness cut short far too soon.

"I joke that I’ve sacrificed a million dollars from the engineering career that I would have had, but I’ve had five million worth of fun."--Craig Luebben

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