Sunday, November 8, 2009

Director Commentary from Andrew Kornylak

As previously promised,here are the comments from Andrew Kornylak about two of his Beta films. Anyone interested in making video should find these comments useful and even inspiring.

The Beta - Six Feet Under from Andrew Kornylak on Vimeo.

"Six Feet Under: We partnered with another Triple Crown sponsor, FiveTen, who also sponsors Brion Voges, to see if we could shoot both a Beta video and an advertisement for FiveTen's new "Team" shoe at the same time. It was really last minute. Andy is super mellow and mostly focused on climbing (he's a pro after all) so we all had fun trying to squeeze something else out of him for the interview. I think that came out in in the video. The Six Feet Under cave had some amazing light, but only for a little bit. At one point Brion was chalking up and these shafts of light appeared. Luckily I squeezed in a couple clips, because the light all disappeared about 20 seconds later, no matter how much chalk cloud we made. I shot the climbing footage on this one entirely as stillmotion footage from a Nikon D3 camera on a steadicam. The camera does not shoot video, instead I used a high frame rate to capture short sequences of images, edited in Photoshop and rendered as video in Final Cut. This stillmotion footage ranges from 2-4 times the resolution of HD video. The FiveTen ad in the magazines are directly pulled from the video, which is one cool thing about this approach. The interview footage and voiceover was recorded on a Nikon D5000, which does shoot regular HD video."

The Beta - Super Mario from Andrew Kornylak on Vimeo.

"Super Mario: Andy Wellman is a transplant from Boulder who has done a ton of climbing of all kinds, bouldering, sport, trad, and big wall. Rifle full-timer... He is the classic well-rounded strong type of climber you run into traveling out west, and as the video tells, he moved to Chattanooga after some "work" visits to Horse Pens 40 to work on a guide with Adam Henry. Adam deserves a video all his own, and I wish I could have done one for this series before the HP40 comp. He is a giant of southern climbing - literally - he is like 8 feet tall. He can be intimidating at first, but he is a really nice guy and cares a lot about the traditions and stewardship of the south. I think it's great he basically told Andy he had to live there if he wanted to make a guidebook, and that's exactly what happened. This was mostly shot on a Sony PMW-EX1 HD camera, and the Nikon D5000 with a wide angle lens. There is some footage from Horse Pens and scenic and still footage that Josh Fowler and I shot while making Heart of Stone."

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Thanks for the articles. It's really interesting to hear what he has to say.