Thursday, March 4, 2010

M&W Three Years On

Somewhere along the line, I forgot how long I have been writing this blog and realized that it has been just over three years. Over that time I have gone a lot of places, discussed many topics, met many interesting people, and developed ideas for larger writing projects. It has been a difficult process at times and I apologize for the many missteps, hoping that for most readers,visiting this blog has been a valuable experience, at least some of the time.

I want to write more about the changing shape of this type of media on another occasion but right now would like to say how important this blog has been for enforcing writing discipline and keeping a steady flow of words and thoughts moving along. I have consistently tried to create wholly original material that truly reflects an alternate and independent voice and view on things climbing-related.

In the future, I will continue to do my best to produce new stories that reflect the ever-changing and diverse aspects of the climbing world, that reflect the latest ideas, profile interesting and important people in the sport,and sometimes even discuss my own climbing. I hope you will continue to join me.


sock hands said...

while i like to poke fun at you, this has been a very interesting blog that i have genuinely enjoyed visiting.

keep it up, old man

Climbing Islove said...

Ditto with sock hands. Keep it up. Your contributions have been interesting sometimes. I can also find your earnestness very taxing.

On the topic of writing, that first sentence in the last paragraph is stretched pretty thin. Drop a period in there.

Peter Beal said...

Well sometimes is better than never I suppose. I'll work on the earnestness, seriously, I really mean it.

chuffer said...

There are a lot of climbing sites and blogs out there to choose from (READ: wade through) on the intardwebs.

At M & W, I've come to expect a refreshing an honest opinion on the climbing issues of the day, one that often frames those issues within a larger historical context that some lack the experience to speak and write about with any authority. Thanks for that and keep doing what you're doing Peter!

Peter Beal said...

Thanks JJ and Chip. Even if you two are the only ones who read this, that's a compliment in itself

chuffer said...

I know you don't believe that. More peeps read this blog than you think. If you have doubts, put in a counter.

Katie said...

There's a lovely, complex quality to so much of your writing, Peter--a steady elegance; a conflicted lyricism; sudden images that burst with a stark and glass-like brilliance. I'm always so curious to see what you'll write next--and always surprised. Do keep it up--the climbing world needs more talented writers like you.

take care,

Anonymous said...

Luke Schmaltz here. I am typing to find Matt Samet, former EIC of Rock and Ice and current guy with Mountains and Water. We are old chums from the 80's growin' up in Albuquerque and my Band King Rat is playing soon in the mountain town where he is purported to reside. We climbed together as high school dorks but I sucked and he ruled so I found my way with my big fat mouth talking allegory to strangers. Matt - contact me you shut-in curmudgeon prick! 720-371-3871

Peter Beal said...

Luke, I forwarded your comment to Matt's email.

sock hands said...

dearest mr. beal:

i am writing to honor a pledge i made to myself. in exasperating this weekend, i refered to you as a "treacherous power midget" and i have to come clean and admit this to you. fear not, however, as i often refer to myself as a midget and my beta as midget beta when climbing with the likes of glassberg, feissner, and basically everyone over 5'9".

sunday morning, i found myself in the amazing company of chip phillips, whom i had not climbed with or seen in many many moons.

unfortunately, the meeting place was 'mongolian cosmonaut.' see, i had long since quit on mongolian after many years of heartbreaking failure. however, i had seen your mini no frills video in which you casually lock off the staring holds, pause on NOTHING, and bump to the sloper gaston. from there, i have done mongolian about three dozen times. no joke. yet, i still cannot do the first move of the low(proper) start.

now, in penance for cursing your name, i must post here every time i try mongolian and fail.

8 years and counting, i failed again yesterday morning.


feel free to gloat.

sockhands' jealous burning rage


your 2010 ticklist:
1. clear blue skies
2. clear blue skies
3. clear blue skies

Peter Beal said...

SH, sorry I missed you all up there on Sunday. MC is hard but clearly is doable by you, unless billable hours have eaten up too much training time, which I doubt given your recent sends.

No gloating here but I do appreciate your vote of confidence on Clear Blue Skies.

Narc said...

Congrats on 3 years Peter. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading and I'm glad we got the chance to meet last year. Thanks again.

Peter Beal said...

Thanks Brian and congratulations on your own anniversary. We started at roughly the same time.

ktmt said...

There are a number of blogs I check each week, and this is certainly one. You've done a great job of filling an important niche by providing thoughtful, longer posts with a more mature, seasoned voice, not to mention a focus on quality editorial. It's always great to settle in here and consider what's being said.

Congrats, and thanks for your writing!