Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break Update

I have been off work for the past week, spending it reading, writing and climbing as much as possible along with painting. On the climbing front, I have been pretty active, mostly repeats of V8 and V9 problems on Flag. In the past two weeks, I have done about 8-10 ascents in that range. I still have issues with something in my right middle finger but it's not prohibiting too much. The weather has been pretty erratic, limiting serious commitment to anything local.

I finally wrapped up work on a short essay for The Alpinist, a meditation on the meaning of history and the creation of legend in climbing. Interestingly, it was a by-product of work I have done writing for this blog and reflects the potential for old and new media to work together. In some ways I really appreciate the opportunity to move back and forth between the two as I can work out ideas more freely here and then finish them in print. Much thanks to Katie Ives and Michael Kennedy for their help with this. I hope to have more news along this line soon.

Last week I spoke with Royal Robbins on the phone and will produce a distillation of our conversation in the next week. As the previous post indicates, his autobiography is an important and compelling portrait of an adolescent awakening to his potential. Powerful and moving writing indeed.

I have many topics and too little time to address them so will be writing furiously when and if I can. Deadline looming for a contribution to an online collection called A Steady Drip, the brainchild of Andrew Kornylak, one of the best photographers I know. It will be ready Andrew, I swear!

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