Friday, April 23, 2010

Bouldering Tour at Flagstaff Mountain May 1

I have been posting this announcement at various local websites.

Join local climber/OSMP Trail Guide Peter Beal and Ranger/Naturalist Geoff Jasper for an introductory program for Flagstaff Mountain, one of the most important urban bouldering areas in the country. Get the beta from Peter on Flagstaff's major formations, dozens of problems, and information on environmentally sound bouldering practices. Geoff will answer questions about park resources and policies. We will also be joined by Chip Phillips, Flagstaff Mountain bouldering guru, for any questions about specific problems or other climbing-related info. Meet at the First Overhang Parking Area at 10:30 on Saturday, May 1. This hike will last approximately one hour. The tour will not provide technical instruction or safety advice related to bouldering or climbing.

After a fair amount of wrangling with OSMP procedural matters, I will be leading a tour of Flagstaff Mountain's bouldering areas, intended to help people understand more precisely where things are, what they are called and how hard they are. I want to try to promote more environmentally friendly bouldering practices as well as acquaint people with OSMP policies regarding dogs, etc. From my conversations with the rangers at OSMP, it looks like they would like to have a closer relationship with area climbers and it's my feeling that activities like this can help maintain untrammeled access to public lands.

Feel free to contact me via this blog or email, petergbeal at hotmail if you have questions.


Doug Lipinski said...

Sounds great Peter. I agree that any chance for positive contact with OSMP staff/rangers is an important step to enjoying long term access. I'll plan on attending!

Justin said...

I love seeing the word "untrammeled" show up in your post. The most famous use of the word is in the Wilderness Act where it was used in a somewhat confusing manner, "an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man...".

chuffer said...

There is little about Flagstaff Mountain that is "untrammeled" but limiting our impacts within this heavily-used and sometimes abused Recreation Area is the key.

Peter Beal said...

The thing that I really think is remarkable is that unlike Carter Lake, Horsetooth and Eldorado Canyon, it's free to anyone. Flagstaff also has a minimal approach and many problems close together of all grades, unlike the Poudre, the Flatirons, Boulder Canyon, Evans or RMNP.

Hoping for a decent turnout...

Walt said...

Peter -

Sounds awesome. Unfortunately there is an OSMP volunteer trail work day at Benjamin/Betasso that day - so I won't be able to make it.

Many thanks for doing this. I am gutted that I can't come, as one of the things stopping me from bouldering more at Flag is a general lack of knowledge about where things are.