Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dave Graham Interview at Udini

Olson has been mentioning this interview with Dave Graham every time I've met him in the last two weeks--something about "wizardry" and so forth, and having read plenty of Dave's fairly hyperactive and rambling thoughts on climbing I hadn't actually watched it. Udo Neumann (some may recall his training book/video with Dale Goddard) appears to be talking with Dave at Ceuse after his ascent of Realization. The interview is fascinating at least in part because it reveals the sheer obsession Dave has maintained over the years but also it might be construed as a warning to anyone who takes the sport seriously or maybe too seriously. Watching Dave seated on the steps of a tiny French trailer, dissecting and parsing the different ways he approached the crux of Realization, might make you wonder if all this climbing stuff may have been going on a bit too long. I'll have to watch the rest at some point but I'm in no hurry.


chuffer said...

Interesting thoughts Peter. The interview definitely shows Dave's obsession with climbing, no doubt about it.

Living a balanced diversified life can be healthy and very fulfilling for many. Who's to say what a balanced life is though? Hopefully, Dave is happy and living what he considers to be a balanced fulfilling life. Happiness is a fleeting state of being that we all strive to achieve and maintain, but it eludes so many of us so much of the time.

For some, immersion in the climbing lifestyle is enough ... at least for awhile. Most folks who immerse themselves into climbing burn out to some extent fairly quickly and that list is extensive. For a few immersed in climbing, their enjoyment lasts a lifetime. Most of us are somewhere in between.

It seems to me Dave is still psyched and enjoying himself. But is he happy and fulfilled? This is a difficult question that only Dave could TRY to answer.

"When are you happy and fulfilled?" I believe this is a question we all ask ourselves all the time. Whether we know it or not, I believe we all live our lives THROUGH this question.

nelly said...

Eh, the guy is a climbing great. There is no reason for him to be required to have balance in his life when he is obviously doing some of the hardest routes in the world.

I think if he was indeed bored he would move on. His passion in the video excites me, it gives insight on what it is to be truly passionate.

When someone is a pioneer of a sport, or anything, there is no such thing as "too serious". The guy is just extremely passionate. I would love to have that kind of drive and knowledge in something that I loved to do.