Monday, September 3, 2007

Update on Shoulder--Sophia on the Wall

Little by little... A short session yesterday at the Spot. A handful of 4s and one overgraded but good 5 minus. I'm feeling stronger in the joint but it's still pretty wonky and sore from yesterday's climbing. At some point, maybe, the weather will permit bouldering at less than 11,000 feet

A thought--how many serious rock climbers have families with children at this point. In Boulder, I can think of very few at all, especially with infants or very young ones. Peter Hunt has young twins and that's the only one besides myself I can think of. If you are at all limited in time and have any responsibilities, RMNP bouldering is mostly out due to the time commitment involved. Where are the accessible lowland V12s? Good question and I'll compile a list shortly--don't worry it won't be a long one.

Also look for a picture of Sophia hanging out on the Font Boulder at the Spot.


Mannphoto said...

Peter, I really enjoy reading your blog. It offers wonderful insight and imparts important wisdom. This site is a great "yang" to the "ying" of other climbing blogs. thanks. -Andy

sock hands said...

psyched to discover this one.
thanks - j.jaeger

Peter Beal said...

Thanks to you both and spread the word if you want