Saturday, September 29, 2007

Here's an example of a classic article

For anyone wondering what has changed, consider this example, anthologized in "Games Climbers Play" and scanned and posted at John Long wrote two classic period pieces Pumping Sandstone and Pumping Granite back in the late 70s. The Gill problems at Horsetooth have become standard for many yet retain a legendary quality helped in part by Long's description. To understand the mood of the piece, get rid of the following regarding bouldering: no guidebook, no crashpads, no, no video, no sponsors, no training regimens, no climbing gyms, one magazine every two months in black and white. Get the picture? For more history check

A nice session at Flag this morning, too warm but feeling a bit stronger anyway and trying some link-ups on Red Wall. Hope everyone had fun at the Horsetooth Hang and check out Jamie's reminiscence of more innocent days at Grand Ledge in Michigan.

Also props to Paul Robinson on cruising the Dali Wall. Amazing to consider what that takes. I suppose we all wish we had it...


sock hands said...

strongwiseman/fool: thanks for the link. it's printed and awaiting my evening beverage time for thorough review.

did long ever publish a book or collection of stories?


Peter Beal said...

Yes there are a number of books by him. Check out Chessler Books for


Only $5

sock hands said...

thanks again for the post, peter.

brutal truth, though: in comparison to more recent stories i have read from mr. long, i would argue that this older storie reads VERY MUCH LIKE A BLOG ENTRY !!!

a particularly historical and interesting blog entry, but a blog entry nevertheless.

[regardless: i'm psyched to track down that book you have mentioned]