Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year 2008

Just back from a quick trip to New Jersey/New York. I'm finding that 2 days is about all I can take at this point. There is simply too much stuff piled atop itself--people cars buildings, etc--even to think We visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I wanted to catch the last day of a show of Dutch paintings. It was profoundly crowded, well beyond the point of any likely appreciation of the works hanging on the wall. Some beautiful landscapes with serene clouds and views of inland rivers and marshes as well as seascapes. But very difficult really to see anything since so many people were milling around. Sophia was remarkably calm in the midst of it. She was locked out of the Frick collection due to her age so I had to dash in to look at the Saint Francis by Giovanni Bellini, a remarkable Renaissance landscape painting. And then back to the airport and home.

This holiday season has been a tough one. I'm glad it's over and the new year is starting. I have turned in an application to start a Ph.D. program at CU and we'll see how that goes. Regardless it's time to get back in gear.

On the climbing front nothing to report from me at all. There is actual progress on wall renovations at CATS. Amazing news at Hueco--Paul R has flashed V13 and sent Terremer, probably the hardest in the country, maybe Jade will hold its grade after all. That's it for now.

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