Sunday, December 16, 2007

Random updates

I'm trying to recover from a semi-grueling session at the Spot, where I was trying problems that don't suit me at all, namely big moves between pinches. Keeping the momentum for these kinds of problems is a big issue for as well as coordinating throws. The hardest moves on problems these days typically fit that profile and I want to become more proficient at them. I'm hoping the semester break will aid in this endeavor.

European wunderkind David Lama has been in town, forced to climb indoors, where he demolished the testpiece Black A-Team route at CATS, onsight. This problem is at least a 13d/14a route and shows the locals what the new international standard is all about.

I've been avoiding CATS recently since there is rarely room either to climb or bring our daughter. The Spot is much more favorable in that regard. Maybe once the walls get reset, things will change.

The Emerson-Capps New England Polar Bouldering Expedition was forced to retreat in the face of mammoth snowfall and phalangular injuries. Rumor has it that members of the party were forced to eat the sled dogs just to survive. Hope you heal soon Brian.

Here's hoping the snow melts soon

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