Sunday, December 2, 2007

A new Front Range Testpiece by Tyler Landman

A very impressive FA was done last week by Tyler Landman, Midnight Express, likely V14. Located on an outcropping/boulder just uphill/southeast of Castle Rock in Boulder Canyon, it's tall and very difficult. Go to Moonclimbing for more about this climb. Landman's account is remarkable for its detail and insight, especially for a 17-year old climber. Presumably videos will be popping up all over and I will link to them as they become available. The problem is especially remarkable for its being right off the road and hardly tried.

This will prove to be a major testpiece for Colorado boulderers as it follows a beautiful line, is easy to get to, and will, I predict, easily hold its grade. The boldness will only add to the aura. Landman has been crushing major testpieces left and right very quickly all around the US, the UK and Europe.

Now there is a V11, a V12/13, and a V14, almost all literally a stone's throw from Castle Rock. The Frontrange Bouldering Index is reaching new heights. If Paul can finish his PB boulder project before he leaves town next, we are definitely seeing something getting started. Will the roof project at Cob be next?

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