Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Break is Over

Back to the real world for a few weeks as the semester ends. Over break I ran Mount Sanitas twice and Green Mountain once but virtually no outside climbing. My project at the Spot went down, well up to the lip of the Hueco boulder anyway. Those who frequent the gym may know the crimpy red taped problem on the right side (V9/10?). Rehab continues...

The holds are coming down at CATS and I know because I started on Sunday! By the end of Christmas break, the walls will be stripped, repainted, and reset for a competition in February. The density of holds at CATS is legendary and I estimate between 50 and 75 per square yard for an actual number. I'm looking forward to setting new problems, especially since there will a few new features added to the walls.

1 comment:

sock hands said...

the red taped problem is only v7/8 if you use the rest. by rest, though, i am not including the kneebar or using heel spur hangs... those are off... with those methods, it is not any more difficult than v2/3.

nice job, though !