Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hiatus from Blogging

It's that time of the year when the semester ends and everyone myself included is too busy. Just a few quick notes

1. Climbing has decided to stop printing the F-word and it's about time. A very good sign that other periodicals should emulate. Climbing is not about gangstas, but mostly well-paid white guys hanging onto rocks. This is not the hood.

2. Momentum Video is trying out a pay-to-watch plan for its videos. A quick visit to the site reinforces my belief that the viewers should be paid to watch climbing videos. Every minute spent waiting for a tiny grainy video of a (usually) well-paid white guy hanging onto rocks is time you will never have back. I'm not sensing this business model is going to fly

3. I finally did my Rehab problem at CATS (maybe V9) after a lot of work. Thanks for the encouraging words Paul. This was last night and marked also by my doing a move that Paul did not do on a problem that he will complete long before I even get close. But little victories are worth something. I am a big fan of Paul and will try to interview him for this blog.

4. Cngrats to Olson, 3rd place in Boston!

5. Running Mount Sanitas is hard and not conducive to good climbing the next day

6. CATS will be hosting a comp in February and the holds that have been up for at least five years are coming down. Get your projects done!!!

1 comment:

sock hands said...

agreed and agreed.

usage of the f-word should be curtailed at bouldering areas as well. i myself am horrible about letting it slip, but i cannot help but feel that when a climber screams it, he or she has failed in two senses.

also, paul, olson, and daniel have a level of class that should be admired and aspired to by some of their young professional climbing peers.