Saturday, November 17, 2007

Real Climbing News--Ben Safdi Wins Big Scholarship

In contrast to the previous post, here's some good news, another item in the "You Can Climb Hard and Succeed in Other Things Too Department". Ben Safdi, who has climbed numerous v13 and up problems has been busy elsewhere, like science labs at CU. I saw a photo in Friday's paper of Ben receiving a $10,000 check from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. According to an article in the Colorado Daily, he has co-authored an article in the journal "Science" which is a really big deal. He is hoping to do graduate work at Cambridge or Princeton in the near future. There isn't space to cover all the areas in which Ben has impressed me as a budding polymath so congratulations will have to suffice.

I hope that other young climbers will emulate this kind of dedication. If any readers hear of similarly inclined climbers, let me know.

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