Sunday, November 25, 2007

Apologies to All re: Trice

Jamie, Andy, Chip, and Justin (and anyone else reading) , my apologies for sounding too critical about the repeats of Trice. Jamie especially deserves credit for his solution to the problem. Perhaps I should have thought of it myself when I was trying it. I agree that it's time to move on and appreciate your comments on my blog. I'll try to be more moderate in my language and opinions from now on and think more carefully about their impact. Thanks for the reminders.



chuffer said...

No need to apologize. I feel it's important in this overly-PC careful-what-you-say world to still have opinions. Hopefully, our blogs and websites will continue to be a place where honest, open and opinionated, yet respectful, dialogue can take place. Let's keep the dialogue flowing.

I think all of us who are not too snooty about the rock quality on Flag are just psyched that some strong folks decided 2007 was the year that Trice would get some attention. In the near future, I won't be surprised if Trice sees more repeats and someone will eventually repeat it without the high perching toe and then maybe we'll have idea about the relative difficulty.

sock hands said...

please do not be mistaken: you are not off my hook until all apologies are properly paid in the form of thin mint cookies or samoa cookies, with a preference for the latter.

you may make cookie payments in even installments of 2 boxes per week for 10 years, or one lump-sum truck load drop off.

please advise your payment preference. i do not take visa or mastercard. cookies only, bish.

[oh, and i agree w/ chip: even if folks do not agree w/ you, i suggest NOT diluting opinionated content. no low blows... otherwise, let the games begin. as long as dissention is expressed respectfully, dissention should be encouraged.]

Mannphoto said...

No apologies mate. I just would hate to see such an important lid stay open too long and perhaps spoil the tasty fine jam inside!