Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Creek is Risin'

Went up to Castle pretty early this morning to find that the crossing log is getting wet and the initial crossing section is under water. So HB is out for a while. Went to Flag instead and fell off the very last move on Mongolian Cosmonaut. Next visit I hope. Unfortunately after 3 days of rain, the weather is now moving to sunny and hot so I will have to get up very early to beat the heat. The high peaks may be beckoning by now. If anyone can give me beta for the Lonestar boulder, I would appreciate it.

Visit MVM for some interesting footage of the amazing climbing in the Utah Hills--Ethan Pringle on Colder Than (Lame Ghetto Phrase)... and Psychedelic. I've been there when it's been cold but not that cold!

P.S. Thanks Jamie for adding to me your list of links.

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