Monday, October 6, 2008

The Five Ten Dragon

I got a pair of 5.10 Dragons in the mail last week but after 2 days of trying to get them on, decided they are half a size too small. So back they go to 5.10 for a 7.5. But the impression I am getting of them is very favorable. Like the V10 but better. So I will update accordingly when they arrive.

Chuffer has completed the Cloudshadow section of the Flagstaff guide. Congratulations!

Off to Reno NV this week to give a paper at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association. I hope I can squeeze some climbing in soon as the weather is forecast to get pretty bad by Saturday. I have been trying hard to stay out of gyms but that can't last forever.


Tom Markiewicz said...

Look forward to that review! I've never tried a pair myself, but have heard good things from several climbers.

Anonymous said...

best shoes ever. i liked the jet7s, but these things are ridiculous.

-great rubber (not onyx)
-very aggressive toe
-very aggressive heel

i'll never buy another pair of muiras again. i'm converted.