Thursday, October 23, 2008

Revised Intro and Description for Chaos Canyon in Mountain Project

Please go over to Mountain Project and review my introduction to Chaos Canyon and post any comments you have. I will be putting together the specifics for areas and problems over the winter.

I have created an umbrella category that I will fill in as I go along. Again comments are welcome.

Sorry to read that Chuffer has left the state and is now in DC.


chuffer said...

Chuffer is alive and well, but alas I am in DC now. Looks like weekend warrior trips to East Coast areas will have to suffice for awhile.

On a brighter note, I have every other Friday off starting 2 Fridays from now, potentially for the rest of my career. Yeehaw! That might make weekend trips more bearable.

Anonymous said...

I think the Mountain Project stuff looks good and I am excited to see a lot more info and photos in the hopefully near future.

It will be especially critical to have and extremely useful once Bob Horan's book gets published as a place that houses accurate and in-depth information. If it doesn't exist people not familiar with the area will only have the Horan book and will assume that info is correct. At least this way there is the public record.

Thanks for doing this and I look forward to a lot more contributions to the site.