Monday, May 18, 2009

A Successful Session

Last Saturday went pretty well for once. I have been trying to develop a little more endurance and spread out my efforts across different styles of problems but owing to various factors have stalled out early on. Saturday conditions were quite reasonable so I did the following problems: Don't Touch the Glass V7, Full Nook's Traverse V9, Valhalla V7, Valhalla Eliminate V8(?), Reverse Battaglia V8, Shadowline V9, Hagans V5, and the Consideration V4. As I have written before, I want to break the 70 V-point barrier for 10 problems and time is the usual issue, plus of course finger skin. I suppose it's a bit like golf in a way (and it would be nice to have a pad caddie). You have to know the terrain pretty well and gauge how many attempts you can make before you are out of contention for further progress. Summer conditions up the ante considerably so I am hoping for a trip to Evans or RMNP soon.

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