Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is Climbing in Pause Mode?

Did I miss something somewhere? The main bit of news recently is Matt Wilder's 9th (by the Climbing Narc's count) ascent of the Fly. Is there anything actually new going on or are people just making Facebook entries and tweeting while the world goes by? Let me know if there is anything I am missing here.


Luke said...

Don't forget the videos:

Quality from The North Face.

sock hands said...

colorado plagued by either rain or hot weather.

alpine season seems to be upon us, though. schule has been sending and the treacherous red olson has been making forays into the park, ticking off one-star turds and now a good line 'into the wild'...

the dam is holding back all the kids, but as soon as conditions improve in the high country, we now have even more ridiculous talent in boulder waiting to unleash their non-working selves on the testpieces of the elevated lands.

holding pattern, but congested. fan has been started and the poop is poised for introduction to the blades.

soon, old coot. soon.


Anonymous said...

When are you going to post some photos of you new home gym?

Peter Beal said...

The climbing wall is almost finished so photos then. SH is right I am sounding like an old coot. Thanks for the link Luke!

t said...

i thought the slowdown might be related the end of school. lots of 'life' things in flux right now? either way, the silence is deafening. but like SH said, there is likely a massive poop/blade assemblage waiting for us in the near future.