Monday, February 15, 2010

The World's Hardest Problem?

For once the video title might not be total hyperbole...

The Game, World's Hardest Boulder Problem? from Cedar Wright on Vimeo.

For more background on Daniel's amazing strength, consider the report from James O'Connor.

"Daniel has finally returned from Europe(but is now in Hueco) and had the new best day in CATS history flashing 3 V12s and a V13, he also FLASHED the first ascent of a new Razor Ladder V14 in the steep, and sent a V15 in the steep after maybe 5 tries, and that is the short summary of the night."

Some might scoff at a gym report or consider the grades to be fluff. They would be advised to talk with regulars at CATS who have seen the problems and the top-name climbers who have worked some of them for days if not not weeks.

The Game provides a fitting bookend to Daniel's ascent, quite a while back now, of Hardboiled V11 which is at the other end of the canyon.

In other Woods-related news, he won the ABS nationals, a feat that will no doubt be ignored completely by the local paper. We'll see.


Brent Apgar DC said...

I heard from a reliable source that D.Woods also flashed a problem in the Spot earlier last week that Carlo feels is in the V13 range.
It's definitely cool to have so many standard setting boulderers living here right now and be able to see them climb.

Peter Beal said...

Hi Brent, was that a taped problem?

Brent Apgar DC said...

Yes, it was.

Peter Beal said...

Which one? I have a couple of candidates but would be interested to know.