Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adam Ondra's Change:

A video has been making the rounds in the past few days that is really worth the time to watch. It features Adam Ondra and the route called Change in Flatanger Norway, a spectacular cave by the ocean and rated 5.15c. It's part of a bigger project by the excellent photographer Petr Pavlíček about the route and the journey, literally and mentally, that Adam took to get there.

 I really liked this short, not least because it seems to hint at a different direction for climbing films. Here's a comment from the director at the Vimeo page "The new movie Change will be not a pure climbing movie, more adventurous movie (traveling, exploring, hiking, canoeing etc etc), but with a lot of climbing, of course. Some may like it, some will not, time will show..." I welcome any indications that climbing video is breaking out of the tired formulaic models of the past.

 And if that video wasn't enough, scope out this piece from Desnivel about a project called Somos in Spain. 9a+ to 9a?

Speaking of reviews, look for a review of Paul Robinson and Alex Kahn's Chasing Winter in the next few days along with a trivia "competition" for a free download.

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