Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Almost out of New Jersey

Tomorrow we head out New Jersey after a few days with relatives. The weather this trip has been so swampy--hot and humid--that anything outdoors has been disgusting. I don't know how people stay here and remain climbers.

A good story on the NYT website about a 41 year old swimmer Dara Torres qualifying for the US Olympic team with some interesting points about non-athletic factors that bog older adults down, chief among these being time and money.

Hoping to get back into climbing upon my return. I've had a good physical rest period but I'm really ready to actually do something for a change.


Unknown said...

you should go climb at VR in maple shade (south NJ - 15min from philly) tonight.
it's the best bouldering around! it made pRobs what he is today...

Peter Beal said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe next visit. Maine Rock Gym wasn't too great looking. We've been to the NJ rock gym a couple of times but the bouldering wasn't so great.