Monday, March 9, 2009

5 Questions for Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks is the individual behind one of the earliest examples of web-based climbing media. FRB has always been about original content making it an important source for information both about bouldering and about climbers. Among the many features of the site are his interviews with local climbers which form an important part of preserving the history of climbing on the Front Range. The message board of course has been the scene of much silliness and slander. Go to for more.

1. Hi Mike, How long has FRB been up and running?
FRB was 9 years old, last Feb 14, V-day

2. What was the initial idea and how did you get started?
the intial idea was just to have a place to post Cloud 9 beta
since a guidebook was a frigging rip off ( the publisher makes the lion share of the profit) eventually we realized most of Cloud 9 is out of bounds,
but by then i realized the fun i could have with a artistic (sic) outlet
of a website and message board.

3. What's the thing that you most want to improve about the site?

design, design , design and more reliable content providers. also
improve the skills of interviewing, podcasting and networking.

4. What do you think of the explosion of new Internet-based climbing media?
I could see the writing on the wall about 6 years ago. I'm surprised it took so many people so long to realize they can create their own world and presence online.

5. What does the future hold for FRB?
FRB is pushing into radio and tv. with the intent of
building, branding and solidifying our place in the
frontrange climbing world. We're also buying up domains
to strengthen ourselves against encroachment.
FRB is here to stay, we're in for the long haul

Thanks for your thoughts Mike!

I also wanted to add this excellent post about Fred Nicole from Chuck Fryberger.

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