Friday, March 27, 2009

Five Questions for Mike and Anne-Worley Moelter

Mike and Ann-Worley Moelter are long-time fixtures on the Front Range climbing scene and are currently managing the construction of a new climbing gym in Boulder called Movement Climbing+Fitness. This will make four climbing gyms in our little bubble/town, all within five minutes drive of each other. I thought readers might like to know a little more about the project as it promises to be a significant addition to a booming indoor climbing scene. I know, aren't there like 10,000 routes within two hours' drive and 300+ days of sunshine? Yes and Boulderites are finicky about the weather. However yesterday we had almost a foot and a half of snow!

1. What's the new gym called and what will it offer visitors?
Movement Climbing + Fitness will offer 17,000 sf of climbing terrain, a full line of cardio and weight equipment, personal training, diverse and consistent yoga classes, childcare and more!

2. How is it different from the other three gyms in Boulder?
The biggest difference is that it is truly a complete facility in that it offers an abundance of climbing terrain and full fitness offerings. Additionally, we have been working with various consultants to ensure that we are as environmentally friendly as possible. Some examples of this are that 1) we will have enough daylight so as not to have to operate with artificial lights and 2) we will also have a PV system so that minimally 75% of our energy is solar.

3. What's it like to get an enterprise like this off the ground?
Oh my! It is a huge under-taking that is enormously time-consuming and simultaneously gratifying
4. What kind of events are you planning on sponsoring/hosting? Any grand opening events?
Keep an eye on the blog (! We have several big things planned for the opening this summer.

5. What future trends do you see in new gyms that you are trying to set/adopt?
One of our biggest goals is to have more interaction between clients, employees and the facility itself. We have some pretty cool things to reveal closer to opening! Also, the trend of having a membership base that is part climbing-focused and part fitness-focused is one of the items on which we have based our model. We look forward to a diverse mix of enthusiastic and motivated clients!

Movement Climbing+Fitness is looking for an assistant manager so if you are interested, go to the website for contact info. I will be posting on the gym after I visit it. Thanks Mike and Anne-Worley!

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