Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Felipe Camargo on Flagstaff

A quick session last night at Flag, climbing with Shannon Forsman. We did a couple of V7/8s and started working on the V10 SDS to That Flakes it Direct. Gabor Szekely, Zack Smith and Felipe Camargo showed up shortly after and upholstered Botslayer (V10) nicely. We watched Felipe flash Botslayer with incredible ease and then a few minutes later, linked up the full problem/project from the lowest start, a classic likely V11. Felipe is from Brazil, a destination which recently was discussed in the blogosphere. If Felipe is representative of the talent potential from South America, look out! Felipe went on to hook up Trice V12 in about 20 minutes. As for me I punted on the "easy" part of my project but I think it will go soon.

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Yuri Hayashi said...

Glad to know Felipe is busy there! Thanx for letting us know...
Yuri, from Brazil